Plant based made easy

Mark Bryant the creator of the course navigated his way through what was considered a terminal illness. Using this blueprint as a foundation for your lifestyle will energise your immune system and vitality for the rest of your life. 



Benefits of joining the course

Be healthy at 100

Changing to a plant-based diet and eating more raw and living foods will improve your health. So, if you want to get healthy and stay healthy, join the course.

Create a sustainable future

More plant based nutrition will help create a sustainable future without having to rely on large factory farms that cause lots of environmental damage and pollution. 

Offset your carbon

Carbon emissions are the main cause of climate change and are destroying our planet. Sign up today and we pledge to offset your emission for 1 year.

Be a part of the PLANT REVOLUTION

Boost your health, energy and vitality

What's included?

Learn the basics

A brief introduction to the five Cs - the key components of optimised nutrition.

  1. Continuum:  Find out what the food continuum looks like identify where you are on it.
  2. Clean: Mark goes into what looks like a clean diet & gives tips on which foods to avoid.
  3. Categories: learn what the key categories of foods are and which nutrients essential for human health.
  4. Cultivating: this will most likely be your first introduction to living foods.
  5. Combining: find out how to identify optimum food combining strategies .

Upgrade your kitchen

Find out what equipment and store cupboard ingredients will help you adopt the Lifeforce Lifestyle.

  1. Kitchen equipment: a quick introduction and overview of the equipment Mark has in his kitchen. 
  2. Herbs, spices, mushrooms, and algae:  check out Mark's herbs, spices and condiments cupboard! Tapping into these on a daily basis for nothing but goodness!
  3. Daily routine: find out all about Mark's daily routine and how you can start to make changes to incorporate into yours.
  4. Going shopping: see how Mark's shopping experience has changed & download our shopping list template.

Start sprouting!

Learn how you can grow up to 30% of your weekly food intake in less than 2 hours a week.

  1. Overview: find out what living foods are and how to integrate them into your lifestyle every day. 
  2. Growing in jars: learn how to sprout a variety beans and pulses.
  3. Setting up the sprouter: get the complete low down on how to set up your new equipment. 
  4. Changing the water: see how easy it is to maintain your sprouter.
  5. Harvesting: watch how Mark harvests and cleans his sprouts.
  6. Tray greens: learn how to start growing your own wheatgrass and sunflower shoots at home.

Boost your immune system

Learn the benefits of juicing, compare the best juicers, and find out how to create awesome juices every day. 

  1. Juicing introduction: learn the difference between juicing and smoothies
  2. Which juicer? Find out the different types of juicers available on the market. 

  3. My daily juice: see which juice Mark has on a daily basis & download a juicing blueprint.
  4. Wheatgrass: this sprout has so many amazing benefits and contains all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Reduce your anti-nutrients

Everything you need to know about activated nuts and seeds, and fresh nut milks, in three easy-to digest-videos.

  1. Overview - learn the many benefits to soaking, sprouting and activating your nuts and seeds.

  2. Soaking, sprouting & activating - demonstrates exactly how Mark dehydrates and activates his nuts and seeds in bulk. 

  3. Nut Milks - making fresh nut milks in under 5 minutes. Once you try it, you won't turn back!

Bringing it all together

Mark shares his tips on how to start implementing your new knowledge and skills.

  1. Overview - Mark runs his daily routine so you can see how easy it is to integrate more raw and living foods. 
  2. Meal tips - See how to put together a LifeForce Lunch Box & get some useful insights on portion size.

  3. Recipes - learn how to prepare delicious raw meals, including courgetti spaghetti and carrot & coriander soup.

Offset your carbon emissions

At Energise Academy, we care about the health of people and the planet.

That's why for every Raw Food Fundamentals course bought, we will plant 10 trees.

This will offset your carbon emissions for approx. 1 year.


Click below to sign up and become part of something that could have a significant impact on your health and the health of the planet.

Plant Based Course

£ 97


6 x video training: Food Fundamentals, Kitchen Essentials, Living Foods, Juicing & Wheatgrass, and Activated Nuts & Nut Milks


Access to our private Facebook group

Carbon emissions offset for 1 year


Frequently Asked Questions

  • It's food in its most natural and pure state
  • They're high in nutritional enzymes
  • They contain all the necessary micro and macro nutrients we need
  • Raw food is a sustainable way to feed the global population
  • They have 20-40 times more nutritional value than their fully grown adult counterparts
  • They're packed full of lifeforce and energy
  • They also contain predigested proteins

Raw Food Fundamentals is just £97 for lifetime access.

No. The course itself takes a couple of hours to get through, but you don't have to do it all in one sitting. You can also speed up the videos and work through them even quicker.

Plus, one of the benefits of a raw and living food diet is that you don't have to spend hours slaving over the oven!

Once you've sprouted and grown the living food (approx. 2 hours per week), it takes minutes to put together meals for the whole family.

We will plan 10 trees for every person that signs up to join the RAWvolution.

Based on a typical carbon footprint, that's enough to offset your carbon emissions for 1 year.

Be a part of the PLANTvolution


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