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How to integrate more vegan, raw and living foods into your daily routine?

Learn how to incorporate the most nutritious foods on the planet into your lifestyle to boost your immune system, promote health and healing and increase your energy levels.


Help yourself heal from disease, live your life and get your energy back!

Maybe you are feeling tired, you don't have same spring in your step, perhaps you have some aches and pains that are not getting any better, maybe you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with a disease or serious illness.

You may be confused as to which diet and lifestyle best suits you and are stuck not knowing which way to turn. Millions of people around the world are in the same situation and the good news is there is a perfect diet and lifestyle just for you.

By becoming a member of the Energise Academy you will learn about optimised nutrition and how to tailor that to your own requirements.

Adopting the principles that we teach at the Energise Academy can bring about positive changes in a  matter of weeks.

Check out Lauren’s success:

Imagine this...

Having the knowledge that you are now in the driving seat when it comes to your health and energy levels, perhaps even moving towards the best health you have experienced in a long time or perhaps an life time.

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The Head Coach

Mark Bryant our founder was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in June 2015. After chemotherapy, full body radiotherapy and a stem cell transplant he had a relapse just six months later. He didn't take a revised prognosis. He has since discovered that it was considered terminal with only six months expected survival.

After extensive research he has leant that there are just six important elements that he had to concentrate on to bring about his own recovery.

He noticed that there were lots of people saying what he should do, why he should do it, but few demonstrating how to do it. Changing habits of a lifetime was extremely difficult.

Mark has unpacked his lifestyle and created the Academy to teach the important elements of a healthy lifestyle.

His mission is to #energise1millionlives to help people over come and prevent illness and disease.

Becoming a member of the Energise Academy is only for people looking to take their health seriously.

The membership is only £ 25 / month to access ALL of the Energise Academy Programmes and Bonuses.

The Benefits for Joining the Energise Academy


✅ Take back control of your health and life

✅ Boost your immune system and energy levels

✅ The ability to flood your body with essential nutrients every day

✅ Learn how to live the most natural lifestyle possible

✅ Get guidance and support to create positive change in your life

✅ Improved mental focus and well being

✅ Integrate the same principles as the healthiest communities in the world

What others are saying...

“Having known Mark for many years before his incredible Health Journey I must commend Mark as a person. Mark’s story is so inspiring and I know if I can continue to mirror his lifestyle and balance food, exercise and wellbeing, I will keep the mojo that I have found again – thanks Mark.”

Debbie Turnbill

"On just a few occasions in a lifetime, we may be privileged to meet a truly outstanding and inspirational human being. Someone who is prepared to do whatever it takes to be successful in their field of endeavour; someone who never gives up on their goals, no matter how adverse the odds. Someone who makes us think 'I want to be like that!'

"Mark Bryant is one such individual. He has faced almost insurmountable challenges but has forged ahead not just to reclaim his own health, but to pass on the life-changing information and skills that he has learned. Mark’s investment in his journey to vitality is almost incalculable. What he will pass on to you is invaluable. Embrace it, learn it and do it. You’ll never look back."

Max Tuck BVetMed, MRCVS, Hippocrates Health Educator

"I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when I was 19 years old. 3 weeks later, many doctors’ visits, more checks and loads of madness Ive got the news that my results were swapped and I was given another woman’s diagnose. At that time I could only wish the best to the other woman but in reality my life was changed forever. I start RE-learning how to eat, what to eat, when ... what exactly health means for me.

Few months ago I met Mark Bryant. His story triggered so many memories and I asked myself where I am 21 years later? A massive change but still not on the level I want. And trust me - I spent so many hours on researching for answers. Basically try & error path.

I joined Mark's Program and frankly speaking I am blown away! In such short period of time I've received so many practical advices, ideas what and when to eat it, where to find the row ingredients in the big city ... I cant go through everything but in short - THANK YOU! Thank you for being brave to go through your pain! Thank you for being brave to share it! My health improved massively, my body loves the super food, my mind is clearer and I have a lot more energy then before."

Bilyana Georgieva

“Having undergone 3 Breast and lymphatic clearance operations and in the middle of chemotherapy with radiation ahead, Mark’s given me hope and confidence to get through the storm and I can almost see that rainbow waiting for me at the other side.”

Emma Mason

“Since my diagnosis almost two years ago and after deciding to explore healing my body naturally, I was put in touch with Mark. He has a wealth of knowledge gained through experience that he draws upon and always has the time to explain things in a straightforward way.”

Catherine Forde

What's included in Your Membership...

Food Fundamentals - 6 Video Lessons

A basic nutrition course highlighting the key components of optimised nutrition

Kitchen Essentials - 4 Video Lessons

Showing you exactly how to set up a raw food kitchen from the equipment to the herbs and spices, a daily routine and how to shop.

Juicing & Wheatgrass - 4 Video Lessons

Course explaining the benefits of juicing, which juicer to buy, comparison between juicing and smoothies and how to create awesome juices every day.

Living Foods - 6 Video lessons

How to grow living foods easily and quickly in your kitchen giving you high frequency, life giving foods every day.

Activated Nuts & Nut Milks - 3 Video Lessons

How to soak and activate your nuts and seeds and make fresh nut milks

Daily Routine - 8 Video Lessons

Once you have mastered the principles, you can now bring it together into a daily routine. This course includes recipes and ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And when you purchase TODAY you will also get access to...

Member Only Live Coaching and Training Calls

Additional Monthly Live Training, Group Coaching with Mark and other leading experts in health, fitness, mindset and nutrition

Access to Private Members Only Facebook Group

This is worth its weight in gold. The Energise Academy Members Community is filled with incredible, loving, like-minded people. The support and connection you'll find is invaluable

The Brilliant Body Builder

How to become your own personal trainer - COMING SOON!

The Personal Spotlight Strategy

How to develop a strong and balanced mindset - COMING SOON!

The Mind-Body Workout

workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home safely with guidance. Help you to learn about your body and enjoy the activity at the same time - COMING SOON!

Total Bonus Value - £ 250 / Month

Offer limited for this month only





100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Try my program for FREE. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the content and the product after watching the videos, downloading all the guides and completing the lessons, send your request and we’ll fully refund you the money you paid for the programme and remove your access." Mark bryant

Get instant access to The Energise Academy today


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I change my mind?

If you do not want to continue with your membership, you can cancel at any time. All you need to do is email the support team and we'll cancel your membership.

Why is it so cheap?

Mark our founder spent thousands of pounds learning how to transition to an anti-cancer lifestyle optimised with vegan, raw and living foods.  One of his biggest challenges was connecting with a community of like minded people. He wants to make the Academy accessible to anyone what ever their bank balance.

Do I need a juicer, dehydrator or any other special equipment for this course?

For any serious raw foodie, these items of equipment are extremely useful. That said, we have clients that haven’t had the budget to implement all of the elements and are making great progress.

Will I receive anything in the mail?

No, nothing will be sent out in the post on sign up. All learning and support is provided virtually and online.

Don't leave without getting instant access to the Energise Academy - finally be on the path to achieving optimum health and happiness!


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