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How do you live a life of good health and vitality when things outside of your control affect everything you do?

Join the Energise Academy community today, discover and be inspired by the story of Mark Bryant and his journey from a point when life seemed to come to an end. 

If you feel that life is just too busy and stressful, that your happiness has been zapped and you just can’t find a way out of the struggles you are in today, get instant free access to The Energise Academy today and start living a life of optimum health and happiness.  


What’s included in this video training series?

Welcome from Mark Bryant

A Journey from Cancer to Full Health

The Life Transformation Blueprint

Steps to Optimum Health

Mark started his first business during his time at university.  In 2015, he was the CEO of a company turning over £15million. In many ways, his life was sorted. He had the car, a wonderful wife, two gorgeous children and a loving family.

On the inside, however, it wasn’t all that good.

Diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia, Mark’s world stopped. Feeling like he had fallen off his gold-plated hamster wheel, there was one thing that took 100% focus now – his health.

Join The Energise Academy and gain free access to this 5-part video series to learn about Mark’s journey to a life of optimum health and greater happiness.


What others are saying...

“Worklife balance is very important and Marks academy has enlightened me to living a healthier lifestyle. This process made me rethink my lifestyle. It pushed me to become a better version of myself. His message is powerful and had awakened a side of me that I never thought possible. People will be talking about his message for years to come.”

Simone Solomon

“I came across Mark Bryant and The Energise Academy when I was researching healthy food and diet options, as I have a family history of high PSA levels / Prostrate Cancer. I wanted to reduce my chances of suffering the same issues. I quickly realised that I could reduce my PSA and Cancer Risk through a healthier diet and lifestyle. I found Mark's story enlightening and proof that diet change can lead to much healthier longterm living.”

Barry Allaway

“The 5 free videos were short enough but incredibly inspirational for me to want to be part of this journey. I look forward to starting soon."

Carrie Hickman

Join The Energise Academy community today

A 5-part video training series introducing you to The Energise Academy


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