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Become Part of the Energise Life Programme today and have the best coaches and mentors around you helping to influence your Life Transformation. They will guide you, encourage you and mentor you along the way. In order to provide you with amazing support in your journey, we have created The Energise Life Programme.

This will give you access to on-going training, new courses as they are released into the community, live Q&A sessions with myself and the team of Experts I have put together to support the whole community.

We want to support anyone that is serious about taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle in food, fitness and their overall wellbeing. This will include moving towards a more plant-based vegan lifestyle.


What’s included in your membership?

Ongoing health and wellness training videos from Mark Bryant and the Energise Academy team

Monthly Live Q&A’s with Mark Bryant to answer any of your health-related questions

Regular VIP email updates from the desk of Mark Bryant to assist you on your journey to optimum health


What others are saying...

“Having undergone 3 Breast and lymphatic clearance operations and in the middle of chemotherapy with radiation ahead, Mark’s given me hope and confidence to get through the storm and I can almost see that rainbow waiting for me at the other side.”

Emma Mason

“Having known Mark for many years before his incredible Health Journey I must commend Mark as a person. Mark’s story is so inspiring and I know if I can continue to mirror his lifestyle and balance food, exercise and wellbeing, I will keep the mojo that I have found again – thanks Mark.”

Debbie Turnbill

“Since my diagnosis almost two years ago and after deciding to explore healing my body naturally, I was put in touch with Mark. He has a wealth of knowledge gained through experience that he draws upon and always has the time to explain things in a straightforward way.”

Catherine Forde

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