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Food Fundamentals


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Energise Academy Membership: 7-day trial £7.00 for 7 days (then £15/month)
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A 6-Part Video Training Series 


  1. Overview - A brief introduction introducing you to the five fundamental C’s relating to food.

  2. Continuum - An explanation of what the food continuum looks like and helping you identify where you are on it.

  3. Clean - Are you eating a clean diet? Mark goes into his idea of a clean diet looks like to him which is significantly different to his diet before cancer.

  4. Categories - This part of the course will take you through all the key categories of foods, nutrients, labels and identities we give ourselves that are essential for human health.

  5. Cultivating - An introduction to living foods a good category that most of us don’t even consider.

  6. Combining - Combining the right foods in the right order can significantly enhance gut health, digestion and nutrient absorption. This video will enable you to start to identify optimum food combining strategies to consider.

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Food Fundamentals £7.00
Energise Academy Membership: 7-day trial £7.00 for 7 days (then £15/month)
Setup Fee £7.00 GBP
Trial 7 day trial
Due Now £14.00 GBP
Due Now £7.00 GBP

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