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What are the benefits of a raw food diet?

Oct 08, 2018


Do you ever have those rattling moments where you reconsider your entire existence? Not in a spiritual, “why am I here?” kind of way, but more in a, “I can’t possibly survive ‘till 45 if I carry on living like this” kind of way.

 A bit morbid yes, but an increasingly common way of thinking in this modern “fast food, quick fix” day and age we currently find ourselves in. You’re consumed by that old familiar feeling in an instant as you stare hopelessly into a double bacon and cheeseburger for the third time this week...


This way of eating gives us instant energy and is at times admittedly delectable, especially when you’ve been “too busy” to eat and you’re starving. 

But the energy that “bad carbs” give you isn’t sustainable, and that is why an hour after eating, you’ll find yourself in a torpid state, feeling lethargic and ready for...

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