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Test, Measure, Manage: The Pathway to Optimal Health

Being diagnosed with cancer, having a major relapse after the treatment and being considered terminally ill, I have had the opportunity to look at every aspect of my life that may have been contributing to me getting the disease in the first place. I have had the opportunity to seek out and work with many of the world’s leading health experts.

I have learned that creating an awesome lifestyle boils down to five key steps:

  1. Know where you are and take responsibility
  2. Decide what you want
  3. Write it down
  4. Take Action
  5. Review and Improve

A gift?

In many ways being diagnosed with cancer was a gift. It has allowed me the time to focus on what was and wasn’t working in my life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

One of the most important lessons I have learned is that you can run your body like an entrepreneur runs a business. An entrepreneur needs to measure the areas of the business that need managing.

"You can’t manage what you don’t measure."
Peter Drucker

Unfortunately, the Western approach to medicine is symptom focussed and therefore reactive. There is a better way and that is to be proactive. I have learned the hard way, trying to fix the engine is so much more challenging than fixing a poorly maintained one. We all know that poor maintenance leads to earlier dysfunction and failure.

I have listed below the way I am proactively dealing with my situation where a terminal illness is concerned with the goal of defying normal statistics.

A Personal Check In

A coach helps you establish where you are and decide where you want to get to.

Why don’t you be your own awesome coach and ask yourself some powerful questions to establish exactly where you are and where you want to get to.

"The quality of our life is determined by the
quality of the questions we ask ourselves."
Tony Robbin’s

Where are you now physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Are you overweight? Do you need to exercise more? What is working for you right now? What isn’t working for you right now? What are the biggest stressors in your life? Are you taking medications that you could potentially come off with improved lifestyle choices?

In the months leading up to my diagnosis, I was running 100 mph and was stressed, disconnected from life. My lifestyle had so much to do with my diagnosis.

Most of us know if we need to take some action and just by reducing stress, improving the quality of the foods we eat and getting our bodies moving will be enough of a catalyst to significantly enhance our health. Please do not wait till the engine breaks.

Physical Tests

The root cause of most illnesses is derived from inflammation in the body. The real danger is in the chronic inflammation that we don’t even know is going on and over time the body becomes overloaded and disease can manifest.

It can be caused by mental and emotional stress, the environment in which we live, pollution, the foods we eat, heavy metals, body fat and electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones including WIFI, portable phones, electricity to name a few. 

My Doctor in Florida conducted a series of tests on me to look at ways to reduce and remove as many root causes of inflammation in my body. I will share these with you now. 

Gut Biome

It is reported that 70% of overall immune system function relies on the effectiveness of good bacteria in our bodies. You can have your gut biome tested which means you have to collect your poo usually over a few days and send it off for analysis. Through good nutrition and supplementation and other lifestyle improvements, you can then start to heal your gut.


Food Allergy Testing

There are four main types of food allergy tests that I have heard about including blood test, skin prick test, food elimination diet and oral food challenges. 

To learn more about food sensitivity testing – check out this article written by Dr Jockers.

The lab that was used for my food allergy test was Cyrex Labs who have a global presence as far as I can see.

I had arrays 2, 3, 4 and 10. As a result of the test, I removed two foods from my diet in a bid to reduce the inflammatory response on my body by eating them, thus giving my immune system more time to focus on everything else it needed to do.

Nutrient Evaluation

Food is not as nutritious as it once was with lands being over farmed, the increase in consumption of processed and refined foods and GMO's (Genetically Modified Foods).  Also with the increasing demands we put on ourselves, we need even more of the right nutrients flooding into the body. 

There are tests now that you can take to test your nutrient profile to ensure your cells have what they need to function properly. There are two labs that I have heard of including Spectracell and Genova NutrEval.  You will need to organise this via a local expert by searching on Google. 

Heavy Metal Testing

Heavy metals get lodged in the body and create chronic inflammation. People with mercury fillings, been exposed to heavy metals through work etc are susceptible to heavy metal poisoning. A specialist doctor or other healthcare professionals could guide you through heavy metal testing and detoxification.

The Good News

The good news is that most of these tests can be carried out by a local trained expert near you. You don’t need to fly to Florida to start taking responsibility for your own health and life.

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