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Sprouting is the new juicing…


At the last Lunch & Learn event in January, there was an interesting question asked: "If I could just implement one health strategy, what would it be?"


Taking a moment to consider the options, my initial thought was juicing.


Over the years there has been so much media publicity on the benefits of juicing that I immediately thought that it probably was the best return on investment in terms of time and nutritional punch.


However, after considering the real practicalities around juicing, there are very few people I know, particularly where busy work and family life are involved, don’t have the time to commit to a regular juicing practice.


Whilst the real thing is best, you can now purchase some amazing products that can fill this gap, so daily green juice is always practical and impossible. My favourite at the minute is Vivo Life New Thrive Living Multinutrient Drink, which comes in two flavours.

At The Energise Academy, we are lucky in that Emily on our team juices on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We make enough at each session for two days. As we use a slow Angel Juicer, I'm happy having a juice that is up to 48 hours old. I wouldn’t recommend this with a fast centrifugal type juicer.


So, if I was given a choice, I would choose sprouting over juicing every time.


For those that don’t know what sprouting is, it doesn’t mean eating a ton of Brussels Sprouts… A sprout is a plant that is effectively living at the time of consumption.

The crazy thing is that our ancestors used to sprout and we have forgotten this ancient skill.


Sprouting is super easy to do and with as little as two hours a week you can grow up to 30% of your weekly food requirements in your kitchen.


You don’t need to be a raw food activist, a tree hugger or a vegan. Anyone following any nutrition blueprint in my opinion can enjoy the benefits of sprouting.


Firstly, your health and energy levels could be significantly improved because sprouts have the most amount of LifeForce (nature's energy) in them, they are packed full of phytochemicals, and have high amounts of enzymes and antioxidants, which helps with nutrient absorption as well.


Environmentally, the foods have zero airmiles because you can grow them in your kitchen, they are organic and they don’t need cooking either saving valuable amounts of energy.


Ethically, it means you can get more nutrition from plant-based sources meaning that there is less dependency on animal products.


If you would like to know more about living foods, how to grow them, we have our Energise LIFE Programme special launch offer available currently for a limited time.

Once you join you will get lifetime access where I will continue to keep you up to date with the latest trends and lifestyle hacks to supercharge your nutrition, your life and your energy levels.

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