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Is Your Comfort Zone Really Your Comfort Zone?

coaching energise academy May 09, 2018

So much guru advice encourages us to step outside our comfort zones, when in reality, the place we know as home 🏠 mentally and emotionally isn’t really somewhere we could really call home.

For me I lived outside my comfort zone thinking that’s where success and happiness was, when in actual fact it was right inside my comfort zone I had just forgotten who I was at my core and deepest level.

My advice for anyone that experiences excessive stress, over works, has addictions to really go inside and look for the answers and rediscover our pure and authentic selves.

Every single one of us are amazing creations and whatever your religious beliefs we are gods creation and are perfection in motion.

We need to be open to evolve ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Be vulnerable, accept ourselves fully for who we are.

For a moment forget the bullshit we tell ourselves on a daily basis.

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