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How to increase your energy levels and not break your “engine”

At the age of 8, I was living in Qatar. I remember lying in bed thinking about all the different aspects of life and how I would have enough time and energy to make progress on them all.

In my head, I had a picture of a series of roads in front of me - a car with fuel and the need to drive down multiple roads at the same time. Each road represented a different aspect of my life, for instance, all my family, seeing friends, working and making money, having lots of fun doing the things I really enjoyed.

I now refer to it as, "juggling the balls of life'' while trying desperately not to drop one.

My “Broken Engine”

Fast forward to the 16th June 2015 when my "engine" broke. I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I had exhausted myself mentally, emotionally, and physically to a breaking point.

When my Dad came into the hospital room to see me when I was first diagnosed, I apologised for getting cancer and not looking after myself.  I knew that at some level I was responsible for creating this disease, and I was going to find a way to help myself fix it.

Finding ways to fix my “broken engine”

The first and second month involved a regime of chemotherapy that increased in intensity. I then headed up to The Christie Clinic in Manchester (UK) for a stem cell transplant. I was in isolation for four weeks following a 48-hour stint of high dose chemotherapy and four days of full-body radiation.  If you click here you can check out my FREE video series, where I go into more detail about my story.

Luckily for the first two months of treatment, I was mainly at home. We explored every possible rabbit hole that might help my recovery and perhaps even be an alternative treatment process.

I had consultations with experts around the globe. We had a macrobiotic chef come and live with us for a week. We had a live blood analyst that had an alkaline approach to a diet where I was introduced to living foods. Another expert told me that a ketogenic approach was best, and so many more. 

I couldn’t find an alternative approach so had to keep my feet in both camps, the toxic treatment of the allopathic world and doing as much as I could naturally.  

Being dealt an unlucky hand

On Tuesday 12th April 2016, six months after the treatment, I was told it was coming back. For any transplant patient, that is extremely bad news, as my new immune system wasn't winning the battle.

Despite my extensive research and so many conflicting opinions, I was still sitting on the fence. Perhaps my disease is just one of those things and it wasn’t something I helped create? Maybe the hand I was given was an unlucky hand?

Adopting a plant-based life

It was on Friday, 15th April when we met a naturopath Ade. We spent four hours together reviewing my case. He introduced me to possible causes of leukaemia - scientific studies carried out a bio-resonance scan of my body. His advice was to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, integrate 1 – 1.5 litres of juice per day, eat 75% raw, 25% cooked, prescribed me a number of supplements, and advised me to carry out coffee enemas.

That meeting was the point that shifted my mindset enough to take full responsibility for myself and implement his recommendations in earnest.

The transition to the lifestyle recommended was challenging. Hundreds of questions raced through my head. Do I juice fruits, what vegetables are optimum, how would I eat 75% of my meals raw?

I bought courses, raw food books and tried to find friends and experts to help me create my very own raw vegan lifestyle.

Luckily, I finally came across Max Tuck, AKA, The Raw Food Scientist. We had a session and she gave me a blueprint to follow. What to juice, how often, what to eat, improved supplementation and she introduced me to Judy Barber, a fantastic raw chef.  They were both Health Educators who trained at the Hippocrates Health Institute. 

On the road to recovery

Since then, I have been a man on a mission to continue to learn from the very best in the world to further secure my recovery.

I have found that there are common themes, ideas, and philosophies that make sense - "Let's do more of what nature intended and we can all lead ourselves to a healthier life."

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