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How to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2018

So how do you get healthy and stay healthy? I want to focus on three simple things in order for you to do that.

1 - Use Fitness as a Vehicle for Health

One of my friends and business partners, Ben at Fast Way to Fitness, said to me, "Use Fitness as a vehicle for health." That’s what they do down at the gym. That made so much sense.

It is easy to live such a sedentary life in the Western world. We’re sitting on our laptops, we’re watching too much TV, and we’re not doing as much activity as we once did when we were out in nature, farming the lands and everything else.

So, get out there and get moving. Increase that activity level. Burn those calories.

Whether it’s achieving 10,000 steps if you're only at 5,000, joining a gym, joining a yoga class, get a fitness coach, get a fitness mentor. However you do it, get out there and get moving.

I now do between seven to ten hours of exercise per week. It can come in the form of so many different activities and a few of my favourites are Yoga, the gym, walking the dogs, paddleboarding, kitesurfing and jumping on the kids trampoline. 

2 – Asses the Food You Are Eating

What I learned on this healing journey, and I've been down so many nutritional rabbit holes, is that I was introduced to a whole new category and a whole new world of food.

If you break it down into four key areas you’ve got 

  1. Processed Foods: Go to any big supermarket or big supermarket chain, and you will find that most foods in there, 80-90% have been processed in some way. We must look at how much processed food we eat in a week versus cooked food.

  2. Whole Foods: Have a focus on increasing the amount of whole foods, broadening the spectrum of plants and vegetables that you're eating.

  3. Living Foods: I was introduced to a new food category called living foods. 30-50% of all the foods I eat in a week now are living foods.

Check in on what you're eating every week and start to upgrade the food choices that you're making. 

3 - Mindset and Focus (three parts)

The third area that I wanted to talk about to help you get healthy and stay healthy, is focus and mindset. Going through a terminal illness is pretty stressful. Having a wife and two children, and trying to manage that journey is extremely stressful. I won’t lie about that. But having the right mindset is so, so important. 

I've done a lot of personal development. I was lucky enough to be in a leadership position. That was my thing. I could go out there, and I would find a way. I was solution focused.

With focus, what we’ve got to remember is there are three parts of us:

  1. The Physical
  2. The Mental (and Emotional)
  3. The spiritual

One of my mentors, Brian Clement from the Hippocrates Health Institute, said that "healing or health comes in three parts: the physical part, the mental part, and the spiritual part." It’s almost like a third, a third, a third.

Whilst on my healing journey, I started with the physical stuff. Getting out there, changing the foods, upgrading the foods, start doing enemas, colonics and wheat grass, all that sort of stuff.

The second phase was more of the mental and emotional but deeper than I had experienced before.  I had the right positive mindset, I had a load of motivation but I still knew there was more to this part of the jigsaw. 

What I mean by that is digging deep and addressing the core of my mental health.  For me this was exploring psychotherapy, attending in healing circles, going on stress and meditation workshops, weekend retreats to name a few.

The third phase is the spiritual phase. About six months ago, I asked myself the question, “What is my spirituality? What is my faith? Do I have a faith?” I've spent the last six months on a deep spiritual journey trying to understand that part of it. Again, I have been down many rabbit holes expanding my conscious awareness, faith and beliefs. 

A very powerful storey for me was ‘Dying to be Me’ by Anita Moorjani. She was right at death’s door in intensive care and the doctors didn’t believe she would pull through with her body riddled with cancer and her organs shutting down.  She chose to return to her body and rapidly recovered. She is still alive to today sharing her wisdom and experience.

For anyone looking to get healthy, stay healthy and be successful, I would urge you to look at all areas of health physically, mentally and spiritually.

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