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Whilst cancer taught me a hell of a lot, there are two skills I learned that will stay with me for the rest of my life – sprouting & colonic hydrotherapy!

Today, I will just talk about sprouting.


When it comes to food and how to live optimally, I learned about a category of food I had never knowingly eaten before. It is called living foods.

Below, you can see a table showing the amounts by category I ate before and after cancer.

What is the difference between raw and living foods? 

A raw food is normally considered any plant-based food that is not processed or heated to temperatures above 42°C, while a living food is a baby plant (sometimes referred to a sprout or microgreen).

When you add water to any seed the germination process begins and the sprout starts to grow.


What are the benefits?

Some of the benefits of both raw and living foods include:

  • Nutrients available in an easy-to-digest manner that our bodies are naturally suited for
  • Eating plants and vegetables in their most natural form
  • Quick to prepare and less electricity and energy to produce
  • High in water and oxygen with an abundance of enzymes available


However, living foods are a category of their own and have even more benefits:

  • Are 20-30% more nutritious than their fully grown counter parts
  • In less than 2 hours per week, families can grow in excess of 25% of their weekly food requirements in a small space in their kitchen
  • Growing your own food with the children can be fun
  • They cost pennies per week, are organic and have extremely low air miles
  • Less packaging required in the production of the food
  • Make weekly food preparation super easy


Get sprouting!

It is my mission with The Energise Academy to get 1 Million Families Sprouting in their kitchens so they too can take advantage of the amazing nutritional benefits. Sprouting isn’t just quick and easy, it is eco-friendly too.


To make this super easy, we have put together a 4 week course called More Raw More Living and all the necessary equipment and supplies needed to get you growing and glowing.


4 week course £97
Freshlife Sprouter £150
Easy Sprouter jars x 2 £50
Seed kit £40
Cleaning brush £5
Good Raw Food Recipes book £25
TOTAL £367

Offer Price £297


If you are already on your sprouting journey, you can also click here to buy the online course without any equipment or accessories for just £67.


We also have a £5 discount code for the Energise Shop - use LIVING5 to get £5 off your first order.

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