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Our Trusted Suppliers

We regularly get asked where Mark purchases his products, particularly supplements and specialty goods.

Where possible, we use local suppliers such as Natural Choice in Rhos-on-Sea, but inevitably we have to go online from time to time.


Vivo Life

Mark's good friend Josh Bolding owns and runs this company.

Josh and his team are so passionate about health and the environment: all their products are 100% plant-based, cruelty-free, and they are in the process of switching to plastic-free too. Their new home compostable packaging breaks down in your compost in less than 12 months! 

They have distribution in the UK, some European Countries and the USA as well.

Check out their website and full product range here


Aconbury Sprouts

Mark sprouts and grows a lot of living foods in his kitchen and also has a cultivator in the garage to grow wheatgrass, snow pea and sunflower sprouts.

Aconbury sell great seeds, ready grown wheatgrass, snow pea, sunflower and buckwheat sprouts.  You can even get fresh frozen wheatgrass as well! Click here to see their full range of products.

If you don’t know what living foods are you can check out one of our earlier blogs - Energise the Nation!


Raw Living

Owners Chris and Kate have such passion for fantastic raw food cuisine. Both have over 30 years raw food experience and every product on the site is personally recommended by them.

Mark's wife Fiona goes mad when he starts shopping on here because he's always often tempted by their other products! See what goodies you can buy on their website.



Mark uses these guys to purchase a lot of nuts, nut butters, and grains etc. Go take a peek here!


We will continue to update this blog as when we come across great suppliers, so if you have any others that you use, please email [email protected] with your recommendations.

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Keep in touch with the Energise Academy

Fill in the details below to sign up for the Energise newsletter. We promise not to send spam!