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Big news from Energise HQ!

It’s been a busy month for us! We had our most successful Lunch & Learn workshop to date earlier this month, so a big thank you to everyone who attended and made it such a fantastic atmosphere. And since then, we’ve been preparing for our next two big events, which we are super excited to share with you.

Big News 1: Building a mastermind community!

Our next event is a one-day business workshop here in North Wales.

As you already know, Mark is passionate about health and longevity, but supporting and helping entrepreneurs is another passion of his.

Through his expertise working with established businesses operating over £100k turnover up to around £10 million, Mark has created the Ultimate Business Success Blueprint, which he will share with you on the day.

You’ll also get to spend some time speaking to the owners of the businesses Mark has worked alongside over the last few years. We will also have our guest speaker joining us David Marsh from The Business Arena .

Seats are limited and tickets have already started to go, so make sure you click below to book your place now.



Big News 2: Want to get in your element?

In other exciting news, Mark has been invited to speak at Monte-Carlo’s first ever wellness event.

The In Your Element Festival features a diverse programme of classes, presentations and workshops including yoga, breath work, nutrition, movement workshops, dancing to name a few.

Mark’s workshop is called Living For Tomorrow.

According to the United Nations, if we carry on eating a typical Western diet we will need 3.5 planets to feed the increasing population. I will be discussing the importance of global nutrition and sharing a possible solution to help feed the 7 billion people we have on this planet.

So, if you'd like some fun in the sun with Mark, click below to visit the official website and book your ticket.



Big News 3: It's OK to take time out!

Last month, Mark went to Correlejo on holiday with his wife and kids to spend some quality time together. He wanted to share this picture of him kitesurfing in the hope it will inspire you to take an hour out of your week to spend on yourself. 

"I had an absolute blast and every cell in my body was alive with energy! Make sure you enjoy all the precious moments you get."

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