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From CEO to a cancer patient overnight...

I started my first business at university. In 2015 at the age of 37, I was CEO of a company turning over fifteen million. For many, they saw my life as good. The nice car, the wonderful wife, two gorgeous children and a loving family. On the inside, I wasn’t feeling good.

It was the 16th June, we had just got home and Fiona my wife pleaded with me, ‘Please don’t go, stay at home, you look exhausted, please don’t go’

‘Fiona, I can’t let the team down, I have already rearranged the training twice already, I have to go.’

That night I ended up in A&E and was on Morphine. I was kept in. At 10 am the next morning the Doctor came in and delivered the news. ‘Mark, I am sorry to tell you this, you have cancer.  It is Acute Leukemia.’ 

My world stopped, I fell off my gold-plated hamster wheel, and for once, there was a stillness.

I embarked on one of the most toxic cancer treatments humans are exposed to, a full intensity stem cell transplant involving high dose chemotherapy and full body radiotherapy. My brother, Adam, was my donor and I received his cells on the 17th September 2016.

Six months after the transplant I had a major relapse. I didn’t want to know what my prognosis was, I just wanted to focus on getting better. I have since discovered that the prognosis for someone in my situation was only 6 months. 

It wasn't going to keep Mark down!

Four days after my diagnosis I met Ade a Naturopath. He shifted my thinking from ‘Maybe cancer was just one of those things’ to ‘I have played a significant part in creating this cancer.’ 

Fighting Fit and Beating Cancer

I have searched for anything that could help me recover from a terminal illness. I have gone through a complete Life Transformation. In that process, I have concentrated on five key areas of my life. My own personal focus, my family and the people in my life, my food, fitness and finances.

I have created The Energise Academy to help share what I have learned on my journey in the hope that it will enrich your life and the lives of your loved ones. In terms of improved lifestyle choices, I have learned that what is good for a cancer patient can be good for everybody.

My goal is to provide the guidance and support to over 1 million families within the next 3 years.

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"On just a few occasions in a lifetime, we may be privileged to meet a truly outstanding and inspirational human being. Someone who is prepared to do whatever it takes to be successful in their field of endeavour; someone who never gives up on their goals, no matter how adverse the odds. Someone who makes us think 'I want to be like that!'

"Mark Bryant is one such individual. He has faced almost insurmountable challenges but has forged ahead not just to reclaim his own health, but to pass on the life-changing information and skills that he has learned. Mark’s investment in his journey to vitality is almost incalculable. What he will pass on to you is invaluable. Embrace it, learn it and do it. You’ll never look back." 

Max Tuck BVetMed, MRCVS, Hippocrates Health Educator



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